Cygwin dig command

Posted on Thursday, April 19, 2012

I used Cygwin a lot and I love it.  But Last time I did a search in the Cygwin setup for “dig” I get nothing.

See nothing…

Well it turns out DIG is in in there somewhere

I had to install bind and openssl

First I searched for bind.   And I chose to install the bind package.

Next I searched for openssl and chose to install the openssl package.

Then I clicked next a few times and installed these packages.  Then opened a Cygwin terminal and typed this.

       > which dig


As a test I ran

       >    dig +short

Looks like it’s working just fine.  This one drove me nuts for a long time.


  1. Do not forget to set up /etc/resolv.conf:

    Start Cygwin Terminal as Administrator

    Find out your local DNS-Server by typing: ipconfig /all | grep -i dns-server

    Type: nano /etc/resolv.conf
    or which editor your are using in general (instead of nano)

    Add the line:
    nameserver [yourDnsServerAddress]
    e.g.: nameserver

    Save and exit

  2. Thank you, friend from the past.

  3. You do not need to install OpenSSL, just "bind", "bind-debuginfo", "bind-docs", and "bind-utils". My guess is it is in "bind-utils"

    I only installed those, and I did NOT install OpenSSL, and dig works just fine for me

  4. I installed only "bind-utils" as the previous comment suggested and dig works.

    1. THANKS!I installed openssl but witch dig not work, and it working after install bind-util