AWS Servers

I have been using AWS servers since 2010 for clients.  I think they are a great, if not the greatest, cloud solutions on the market right now.

T1. Micro  Reserved Instance
(1 year subscription... expires 01/31/2015)

I keep the T1.micro server around to run one simple client web site (very non-important) and to run an offsite git remote repository.   I am thinking about mounting an s3 folder as my remote git/rsync drive for more robust offsite backups.

Come next renewal cycle I will definitely be replacing this with a T2.micro instance.  It has more  memory and is better suited to how I use this server.  (Update I changed my mind based on the new pricing scheme)  Looks like EC2 prices have gone down a fair bit and they changed their model.  Now a reserved instance can be paid all in advance for the year.  So if Wanted a T2.micro for the year I could pay $75 (as of 1/15/2015) and that pays for the entire year.   The T1.micro has no reserve instance and its price per hour plummeted to 0.0031/hr or $2.33/mo.   I have no immediate need to go from a T1 to a T2 so I think I will hold off until the need comes along (and its cheaper anyway)

Route 53

I run my own DNS server at home, for several reasons...  But I do love the simpleness and ease of route 53.  I run a few domains through it including

Great service I highly recommend it.


I have a few files backed up here.  I think I am going to expand my use of it in the next 12 months.  The recent prices drops down to $0.03/GiB/Month is pretty attractive.  I may mentally prepare myself to allow up 100 GiB of storage on S3 which would be $3/mo and see how I use it.


Glacier is only $0.01/GiB/Mo   I may set up a yearly backup of 100-300 GiB of key data in my house, kids pictures, etc, this year.

AWS has a lot of other neat tools I love to use, but have no need to pay for personal use of.  I love VPC, RDS, and DynamoDB, but I have no personal need to use them.

For those of you who love crunching numbers here is my AWS bill for the last few months (August is not yet done)

I spend approximately $7.50 a month for a T1.Micro server with a 20 GiB hard drive and 4 domain names services by AWS.  My S3 use at this point is negligible.  I paid $62.00 for the 1-year reserved instance for the T1.Micro.  So to be fair add another 62/12 = $5.16 per month to my true cost and you get under $13/mo