Epic Goal:   Learn how to use tmux to open 8 panes that each start to tail a different server log via ssh, all via a script.

Status:   Complete (1/21/2015)

I jump between environments a lot.  Ubuntu, OS X, and Cygwin, I created a guide showing how to install tmux on all of the systems I use.

This is a quick tutorial on the basic commands in tmux vs gnu screen.

This is a write up on how to set up custom configurations in the ~/.tmux.conf file.  If you are going to use tmux you might as well have it look and work the way you want it to.

Here is the guide to get the epic goal done.  Turns out there are a few ways to use send-key and a few other commands to basically script the behavior you want.  This feature makes tmux much more useful than gnu screen

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