Twilio and Pagerduty

Epic Goal:   Set up a phone number, via twillio, that when called will set off a pagerduty event.

Pagerduty, as far as I can tell, does not offer a single call in number.   I need a single emergency phone number that I can hand out to key people.  In the event of an emergency they only have one number to call to get a hold of the on-call engineer.

At this point I can safely say that pagerduty does not offer a call in number, thought they could in theory.  They do use twilio for their audio out.  I don't see it as a big hurdle to provide a single call in number per customer.    But they don't, as a result I need to figure out pagerduty and twilio (which I am kinda excited about to be honest)

I figured out how to do it!  I have a twilio number that I can call and set off an alert in pagerduty. Well, it's a very bare bones basic way of doing it.  Its going to take some time to write it all up, expect some more posts in the next weeks or so.

The first post of this epic shows simply how to set up pager duty (and use your free 30 day trial)

8/27/2014: (@ night)
I figured out how to get pagerduty to talk to HipChat.  I wrote up a how to guide on signing up for HipChat for those interested.  (This does not go over how to have pagerduty talk to it... more to come)

Another person set up our pagerduty and twilio at my day job.   As a result I was not the default admin on those accounts.  I had to go look up how they could set me as an admin.  (Its an easy process, but in case you need some help I posted these guides).

I apologize for not getting having a guide up on how to attach twilio to pagerduty.  The ground work is done, I will have it posted within a week or so (crosses fingers).  I also hope to show how to use parse cloud code to give your twilio some additional smarts.

We use HipChat a lot at work.  We want pagerduty to post updates to a specific room we created for pagerduty.  Here are some notes on how to get that done.

I thought I had posted this twilio how to guide, it was done more than a week ago, I can't believe I did that!    This guide goes over the first 15 minutes of twilio, setting it up and getting it to do something.

This if the first guide I am putting up showing how to use twimlets.   Twimlets are a tool Twilio provides so you can make your Twilio number more intelligent without needing to do a lot of web services setup.  In fact I have a way to use twimlets to set off a pagerduty alert (more of that is coming soon)

Twimlets continued!   In this guide I show how to combine two twimlets.   The first twimlets reads a message and waits for a secrete code to be entered "1234".  Once the key code is entered it then will record a voicemail and email that voice mail to you.  Do you see where I am going with this?   Pagerduty can be triggered by an email.  I don't think a pagerduty alert triggered by an email is a good long term solution, but for a temporary set up or experiment I think its a simple quick solution.


Google Calendar.  I took a little side journey and figured out how to easily add your schedules to your Google Calendar.


I finally posted my 1.0 version, how to set up a phone number in twilio that will trigger a pagerduty service (alert).  I think its a good start but I really want to replace this in the near future and use Pagerduty Rest API (instead of email trigger) and use Parse Cloud Code for a more advanced Twilio phone system.


How to set up and test a Pagerduty REST Api Service (alert).  This information is going to come in handy when I show you how to set up Sensu alerts and triggers using Twilio through Parse Cloud Code.


This next post shows how to use the Redphone Gem to have Sensu trigger a pagerduty alert!  This is a pretty cool thing!  You can use Sensu to monitor your system and for certain serious checks you can have it call you.


I have started using StatusCake, a website uptime monitor..  This post shows how to easily integrate it with pagerduty.


This is a neat story.  After my post on Status Cake and pagerduty on the 17th, I sent a note to the StatusCake guys on a fix that would be nice to have.  They put the fix in that day and made it live!  So I made a new post on it here.


Pagerduty added a new feature "Teams".  It's still in Beta, but its very good.  It effectively gives you the ability to filter services/users/etc by team.


We have started using Slack over HipChat.  Slack uses integrations to bring data and other tools into Slack.  Here is how to set up the pagerduty integration.... which is so easy its almost not worth writing a How To on it, but I did :)