Slack Pagerduty Integration

Posted on Sunday, March 29, 2015

We use Pagerduty and Slack at work.  We used to use HipChat (we still kinda do).  We had webhooks from pagerduty sending messages to our HipChat rooms, now we want to do that in Slack.  Luckily Slack has created a nice integration for it.    Here is how to add the Pagerduty integration and how to use it.

From Slack click on your Team Settings menu and click Configure Integrations.

Use the filter to quickly find it.

Click Add next to the PagerDuty integration.

Choose a channel to post Pagerduty message to.

Click Add PagerDuty Integration

A page with instructions should pop up.

In the instructions they give you a URL to put in your Pagerduty webhook.

From Pagerduty

I am not going to go into detail here, but basically log into Pagerduty, open the service (alert), you want to have messages sent to slack and click +Add a webhook

Give it a name, post the URL here and click Save.

Back to Slack

Go back to the slack integration page.

Select which notifications you want to receive.

If you want, you can switch the name or custom icon.  I am going to leave mine as is.

Click Save Settings.

Trying it out

Nice, it worked.   Click here will open the incident in a web page were you can acknowledge it or resolve it. 

Here you can see it posted when the incident was acknowledged and resolved as well.

Pretty well done and simple J


This post is a part of and epic, the pagerduty and twilio epic.

Epic Goal:   Set up a phone number, via twillio, that when called will set off a pagerduty event.

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