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Posted on Friday, March 27, 2015

Pagerduty recently added a new feature "Teams".
We have several real teams using Pagerduty and it can result in people stepping on each other's toes in Pagerduty.   Does this tool help fix some of that?

No idea, so I am going to poke at it.


Creating a Team

Log into Pagerduty.

In the upper right you have this "All Teams" pull down.
I have no Teams so there is nothing there yet.

You can create a team here by Clicking on Create a team.  But I have a feeling once you make the first one here the button goes away.  So where does the button normally live.

There it is  Click on Configuration -> Teams

Click on + New Team.

Give it a name.

It looks like you can import escalation polices to this team.  I am not going to do that yet.

Click Save.

Here it the Test_Team's View. 

It does not have any users, schedules, escalation Polocies or services yet.

Adding users

OK, this is still Beta so expect this to change.   It feels beta,  give it 2-3 months and I bet it will look a lot better.

Click on Edit Team

Start typing in your usernames here.

When you are done adding users click Save.

Hey I am on the team.

Adding Schedules

You can't yet do that.  If you add an escalation Policy any schedule, users, and services associated with it will auto add to the Team.

Adding Escalation Policies

Click on Edit Team

Enter the name of the Escalation Policy (Policies) you want added here and click Save.

This will….

add the escalation Policy to the team.   And it will….  Add all services, users, and schedules associated with that team.

Adding Services

You can't yet do that.  If you add an escalation Policy any schedule, users, and services associated with it will auto add to the Team.

Did I lose anything?

Did I lose anything by moving things to a team.  Nope, looks like they users, services, escalation policies, and schedules are still available and viewable using the old tools.

What did I gain?

I have a nice team pull down.  Which looks like it has a bug at the moment  Listing "My Teams" and "All Teams" under their themselves.
Why is that neat?

Oh… it's a filter!   Oh it's not a bug… but does look odd…

Select your team.

Now choose any tool.  If I chose users.  I only see the users on this team!

Escalation Polices… only escalation policies for this team.

Click on Dashboard.

Here is the reason to set up Teams!  It filters Incidents!   This is a new Team I made with no incidents and no history of incidents exists so none is shown.

This is nice, I personally have stepped on toes when I accidentally resolved someone else's ticket.  I thought I was closing my own for my team but I accidentally closed one from another team.  This can help prevent that.

OK I like teams.  It may be Beta but it’s a very strong useful Beta, go ahead and use it!

[1]        How to Create Teams in PagerDuty?
                Accessed 03/2015

This post is a part of and epic, the pagerduty and twilio epic.

Epic Goal:   Set up a phone number, via twillio, that when called will set off a pagerduty event.

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