Download:  40 Mbps
Upload:         5 Mbps

single static IP address

When the bill is all said and done I pay $50.99 (this includes all the taxes and static IP)

CenturyLink finally updated their speed in my area so I bumped from 7Mpbs/892Kbps to 40Mbps/5Mbps  I especially needed the upload speed increase as I was going to the library to upload large videos to youtube :)

I am seriously considering switching to Comcast Business sometime in the near future.  I have never had a problem with CenturyLink, but after reading this article I wonder if that will always be the case.  But recently Centurylink has been talking about upping their bandwidth cap to a reasonable rate see It is currently in testing stages (11/2016) but if they roll it out nationwide would give me 600GB datacap.... I think I could live with that for the next few years.

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