OpenVPN and HAProxy

This epic is on hold for the time being (1/18/2015)

Epic Goal:   OpenVPN for easier home server access, using HAProxy for routing and hiding the subdomain.

I usually use ssh port pulling and pushing to get into remote machines securely.  I have fully intended to set up an OpenVPN server at home at some point, but never got around to it.  Well now I have a need for it.   In setting it up I have a problem.... my current router will only forward a port to the same port and I have a single static IP address at home.    I have an nginx server sitting in front, and I could use that to route a subdomain to an openvpn server.  ....

Oh wait I could do that... I did not think of that.

Well I am not going to back down on this I would like to redo my setup at home so that all web traffic 80, 8080, and 443 all goes to an nginx server that only handles ssl keys then send unencrypted data through HAProxy to its ultimate destination.  (Of course in the case of OpenVPN it will not handle the ssl at the nginx entry level but pass that on for that specific subdomain).

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