Pfsense ntop getting prometheus data

Posted on Sunday, February 14, 2021


I have pfsense with ntopng installed on it.
I would like to get some of this data from ntop into my prometheus se

so I can make cool graphs of my data usage in Grafana.






Lowering Your Video Streaming Bandwidth

Posted on Thursday, February 4, 2021


OK last month I went over my bandwidth limit.  My Bandwidth limit is pretty high 1.2 TiB each month… That sounds like a lot.  But with everyone home these days and folks watching more and more videos it all adds up.

I know for myself many podcasts I used to listen to I know watch on YouTube which greatly increases how many Bytes I download.

So I have two options use less bandwidth or pay for unlimited.   Truth be told I will eventually pay for unlimited because I do see over time my usage just going up and up and up.  More videos, more games, more music, … just more.  But I want to push off the inevitable a few more months.


So how can I do this?  Well try and go after my worst bandwidth offenders, Streaming Videos.   Due to the pandemic we now have almost all the major streaming services so I want to explore what the current GiB/hr they usually run and how, if at all, I can reduce them.


Adding Prometheus as a Data Source to Grafana

Posted on Tuesday, February 2, 2021


I recently wrote a few article on installing Grafana and Prometheus. [1] [2]

Now that I have it set up and I have prometheus ingesting some data I want to hook it into Promtheus and see some beautiful graphs 

Now I want to start getting some real data into it to have something to graph! 


Installing Prometheus Node Exporter

Posted on Saturday, January 30, 2021

I recently wrote an article where I installed Prometheus on Ubuntu 20.04 [1]

Now I want to start getting some real data into it to have something to graph! 


Pfsense slowing down Connections

Posted on Tuesday, January 26, 2021


I have an issue…
I do not have unlimited bandwidth at home … yet.  And this month with all the teleconferencing at home work and all the videos my family has been watching we are about to go over our monthly allotment. 

Which is kinda freaky!  My current internet provider has a monthly limit of 1.2 TiB.  Who would have thought my family could use that much data in a month…

But we have, or very nearly have.

So I thought… Maybe I can find a simple way to fix this in pfsense…
to maybe limit the bandwidth somehow… maybe cut off my daughters access to hulu ?