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Posted on Friday, February 20, 2015

I just wrote up an article on how to set up StatusCake to send alerts to Pagerduty at

At the end of the article I noticed that StatusCake triggering Pagerduty had one issue, at least for my needs.   StatusCake will trigger a Pagerduty alert just fine, but it also will resolve the alert when your web site comes back online.  I don't want that, I want all my Pagerduty alerts to be manually resolved.

StatusCake Support

With this in mind, I sent a quick request to StatusCake to see if they could add this enhancement to their queue.

And good news they did! 
And they got it updated in less than a single day!
And they even made it live!   

Way to go Daniel Clarke and the StatusCake Team!

Updating your Pagerduty Integration

I already have a Pagerduty integration on StatusCake.  Let me see how I can update it with the new changes StatusCake created!

Click on Integrations

On your current Pagerduty Test click on Update.

From the Auto Resolve pull down select "Do Not Resolve upon Uptime"

Then click update this 3rd party service.

It's saved.

Now to give it a test.

I took my website down…

  1. StatusCake saw that it was down.
  2. Pagerduty was triggered…
  3. I was called and acknowledged the incident.  (I did not resolve it).
  4. I brought the site back up….    
  5. StatusCake saw that the site was back up.  
  6. Receieved my "Recovered" email  
  7. Waited an extra 15 minutes to cover my bases…. StatusCake did not resolve the incident!  Perfect, this is exactly what was looking for.

In conclusion

Thanks StatusCake Team!  


This post is a part of and epic, the pagerduty and twilio epic.

Epic Goal:   Set up a phone number, via twillio, that when called will set off a pagerduty event.

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