Alfresco 4.2 Desktop Sync Consumer user

Posted on Saturday, January 19, 2013

This document goes over how AlfrescoSync works with a consumer user in alfresco share.

This document assumes you already know how to user AlfrescoSync.

Invite Consumer user to site

I created a new test user named patmantest that I will invite to a alfresco share site. 

I logged into my Alfreso share site as an admin and opened my share site.

Click Invite

Search for the user you want to add then click on Add

Set their role as user and click Invite

Login to alfresco share as this consumer user.

Click on More, then My Tasks

Click on Edit Task

Click on Accept


Now that the test user has been added to the share site as a consumer (a consumer user cannot add or delete files only read them)

Open up The AlfrescoSync Preferences.  Right click on the AlfrescSync Taskbar tool and select Preferences.

Click on New Account

For Account Type, Select Private

Enter your  name and password you use to log into alfresco.   Also enter the web location of the alfresco server.

Mine is an internal server and uses an odd port,  Also it is not using https  (security) which I would recommend for securely sharing your files.

Click Login

Now you will see all Alfresco share sites you have access to.  In this case I created a single site named hard-drive-test  to test out all this AlfrescoSync stuff.

Select it then click on folder

You will see the folder structure pop to the right.   In my case I made two folders  Test_1 and Test_2 in the Alfresco Share site.

I selected the first folder, which you can now see is shown under the hard drive test.   Then click  Browse to select a folder to sync with on your system. 

I selected a file called Alfresco_Test_2 on my Desktop.

Now click Start Syncing!

Open up the synced folder

Opening the Synced folder I see a folder that represents the site name.   It looks like it does not yet allow syncing one folder to one folder, but first lists sites as folders.

Open this site folder

And you should see any files that are currently in Alfresco Share.


Delete all the files from this folder

The files have been deleted from the local folder, but since this is a consumer user he did not delete them from alfresco.

Wait 4-5 minutes and all the files will reappear

Or you could use the taskbar tool to “sync now”

At any rate once it re-syncs you will see all the files again, since this user cannot delete files from alfresco.

And the files are back

What happens if I try to add a new file to this folder?

I copied over a Dell tutorial file I had on my desktop and it appears in the folder,  for the moment

It does not appear in the Alfresco Share Site.

If I give it 5 minutes to re-sync

And the file has been removed.

If I open and edit a file I can save it just fine, but again wait for it to re-sync and the file will revert to whatever is in Alfresco.

If I add a file to the alfresco share site via a user who has write permissions It will who up in this folder once a re-sync occurs.

Here I added an ATAT.jpg file via another user who is an admin.  And given 5 minutes it shows up in this folder.

So there is the short and sweet of using AlfrescoSync as a Consumer User.


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