Alfresco 4.2 quick and easy auto versioning

Posted on Tuesday, January 29, 2013

This document goes over how to set up easy auto versioning of your documents in a folder in Alfresco share 4.2.

This solution will auto version files in a given folder.

First log into your alfresco share

Then go to a site you want to version documents on and select ites document library.

Select the folder you want, click on more then Manage Rules.

Click on Create Rules

Name it “Add Versionable Aspect”  and for When select “Items are created or enter this folder”

Select “all items”
For perform action select “Add Aspect” and select the aspect “Versionable”
Checkbox the “Rule Applies to subfolders”

Then click on “Create and Create Another”

Name this rule “New Version on update”

When, select “Items are updated”

 Select “All items”
For perform action select “Check in”  then click options

Select minor,  Enter text “Auto versioning” and click OK

Check box “Rule Applies to subfolders then click Create.

There you have it now anything added to this folder will be auto versioned.

Now if you are using something like AlfrescoSync as you update files on your system the sync will add new versions vs just deleting the old and replacing them.


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