Copy AMI Between Regions

Posted on Sunday, April 21, 2013

On March 13th 2013 Amazon AWS announced a new AMI copy tool to copy images between regions.  They also posted a how to guide on how to use it at [1]

This I my simple guide on how to do it (it is very easy)

Copy AMI image between regions

Open the EC2 AWS Web console.

Click on AMIs then checkbox the AMI you want to copy to another region.

Click Actions then click Copy

Select the region you want to copy it to. In my case I selected US WEST (Oregon)  Then name it and update the description.

Click Copy

You will get a message like this.  Click on the link

Here you can see the AMIs is still pending.  Give it 5-15 minutes for it to complete its copy process.

Finally it becomes Available to use

That is it, pretty simple!   
I did have a copy fail once, but I was copying an AMI I had made well over a year ago, maybe the new tool had an issue with an older AMI?

If you have problems with this new tool on older AMIs you could use my older guide on how to move an AMI between regions

[1]        Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud documentation (copy AMI)
                Accessed 04/2013

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