Debt Free!

Posted on Thursday, June 20, 2013

I try to keep this blog focused and not just about what my thoughts are day to day.

But today I am making an exception.   My wife and I just had our last check to debt payments clear and we are debt free!

I just wanted to shout to the world my debt free scream  "We are debt free!"
And I gotta say it feels nice knowing I owe no one any  money.  Now, we can use the interest we used to pay banks to build wealth and give it away.

We did it following the Dave Ramsey  plan (we are big fans)

A few details for those who care to know
Since I married my wife in 2007 we have paid off  $92,469.99 in debt (and interest)
We did it on one income
Our lowest yearly income, during this time, was $38,000 and our highest is over $80,000

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