Win 7 reboot via Cygwin

Posted on Monday, June 24, 2013

I have an ESXi server that runs a Win-7 virtual server on it.
I use the Win 7 OS to run VSphere client so I can access the ESXi server and tweak it if necessary  (this is the cheap homebrew solution)

I run Cygwin on the win-7 machine and I use ssh to pull ports so I can attach to the server using Remote Desktop using a secure connection.

Well today I ran into an issue.  When I tried to log in I was met with this screen.

"The number of connections to this computer is limited and all connections are in use right now"

I still had Cygwin command line access to the machine so I looked around to see what I could do.

I found this post [1]  wjere iser e-class suggested using the following command line commands from Cygwin (though they are really DOS commands)

>  quser

This did list the connection as still open, it also showed the ID

He also suggested using the following command to kill the session

>  logoff 2

(in my case the session id was 2 so I used 2 you may have another session ID)

And when I ran this it seemed to work, at least re-running the quser command did not bring anything up.  But when I tried to log back in I got the same results.

So I found this post [2] where a user Frankie suggested using the DOS shutdown command to reboot the server

I ran the command

>  shutdown /r /t 0

The server successfully rebooted and I was able to get in and open a Remote Desktop session.

[1]        Windows Thread, killing remote desktop sessions? in Technical; hi all, anyone any ideas as to how I can kill dead remote desktop sesisons?
                Accessed 06/2013
[2]        How to execute shutdown command from cygwin in windows

                Accessed 06/2013 

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