Eclipse 4.3.1 with CVS over SSH

Posted on Sunday, November 17, 2013

I have a legacy system I am a part of taking care of.  Its version control system is CVS accessed via SSH.  Here are my notes on how I accessed it via eclipse IDE 4.3.1

If you don't have eclipse you can download it at [1]

Click to download

(It took me 1 hour to download on a 1.5 Mbit DSL connection)

CVS set up

Click on Open Perspectives

Select CVS repository Exploring and click OK

Right click in the CVS Repositories and select New -> Repository Location

  1. Enter the Host location and the path to the CVS repository on the host.
  2. Enter your username and password to the host system
  3. Select extssh as your connection type.
  4. Check Save Password
  5. Click Finish

You may get an SSH message from the server, Click OK

You should now see this in eclipse.

Click the extssh and then HEAD.  You should now see all the Repositories in CVS

In the upper right you should now see a CVS Repository Exploring Button

Create a project using the CVS repository

This is a very basic install of Eclipse, creating a project will be very simple in this example.  (If you create a python project or java project it should auto open)… at any rate…

Click on File -> New -> and click Project.

Give it a name and click Finish

To open the project from the menu select

Window -> Show View -> Project Explorer

Right click on My Project and click Import

Select CVS ->  projects from CVS and click Next

Select the CVS repository you set up before and click Next

Select Use an existing module
(this will contact the server and get a list of all modules.

Select which module you want to use,  (use shift click to select more than one).   Click Finish

It will now download the files from your CVS repository.

To commit a change to a file back into CVS.  Right click on it and select Team -> Commit.

You can also Update, etc from the Team Menu.  I am not going to go into a lot of special details here, this is just meant to get you started.

[1]  Eclipse Download Page
       Visited 11/2013

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