git with jenkins

Posted on Monday, January 27, 2014

This guide will go over installing the git plugin for Jenkins.  Jenkins already installed and running (Very basic setup).

Install git via apt-git

First git needs to be installed on the Ubuntu machine

> sudo apt-get install git

Install plug in

Open your Jenkins install in a web browser.  Mine happens to be located at

After you login click on Manage Jenkins

Click on Manage Plugins

Click on the Available Tab

In the filter enter "git plugin"
Then select "Git Plugin" and finally click on "Install without restart"

Plug-in installation starts

After the plug-in is successfully installed click on "Go back to the top page"

SSH keys

Create the ssh keys in the Jenkins home directory.  In my set up the Jenkins home directory is at /var/lib/jenkins

Switch over to the Jenkins user and create its ssh keys

> sudo su jenkins
> cd
> ssh-keygen -t rsa -b 2048

Copy the .ssh/ key to your git remote repository

Setting up a remote git repository in a job

Click on New Job

Name it Test
Select "Build a free-style software project"
Click OK

Select "Git" then enter your remote repository connection url.

For example sshL//

Click Save

Click Build now

The Build was successful

This is a very simple deploy, all it does is download from the git remote repository.


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