Chrome Extensions: Advanced REST Client

Posted on Friday, October 3, 2014

Chrome has a lot of really handy extensions for Developers.  One I found this year that I like is Advanced Rest Client [1]
Written by Paweł Psztyć, [2]

The program's blog  [3]  (if you look at it there are some updates coming soon to the app!)

Installing Advanced REST client

Click the + Free button

It shows what permissions it will require.  Click Add

It installs and opens your Chrome App window.  You should see the Advanced REST CLIENT Tool.  Click on it to open it
How to use it

Enter in a URL you want to GET, POST, etc to

It looks like as you install it there is a URL already in there.  This one in fact

Select get and send Send

You get back the Status,  Request/Response headers and the actual Response.

Now for a POST test

I found this site [4] created by Henry Cipolla that will accept any post sent to it and save it to show you.  (This is a handy tool to use for how to docuements like this one)

Select POST
Then in the payload put whatever you want
Finally click Send

You can go open the URL returned to see what data was posted.  In my case it was 

Some Nice Features

It looks like some very nice features were added since last I downloaded this Extension.


There is a history button.   On the left side click on History and you will see the history of all your GETS and POSTS.     Click Select on anyone to reuse it again.

This is very handy!


You can save URLS into projects.

When you have a URL you want to save under a project.  Click Save in the upper right.

Give this URL a name.  Checkbox "Add to Project" and select New Project

Give the project a name and click Save or "Save to Google Drive"

Now on the right you can click on Project and switch between projects.  And from the top you can quickly select between REST request you have saved.

That is a very nice feature J

I am not sure if it can use google drive to sync up with my other machines or not.  A quick test did not work, maybe it’s a work in progress.

At any rate a very cool tool and one every programmer should probably have on his system.

Looks like his tool is donation-ware.  I think it's worth a few bucks and then some.  He is asking for €5 to help him keep working.   $5 for a good useful tool, why not.

In fact I am going to start setting aside $5 /mo for things like this.
I'll set aside $5 in cash a month, so I can see it.  The next good donation-ware software tool I start using gets whatever has accumulated.

Then the next good donation type software tool I use and like gets it. 


[1]        Advanced REST client Chrome webstore
                Accessed 10/2014
[2]        Paweł Psztyć personal github page
                Accessed 10/2014
[3]        Blog for Advanced REST for chrome.
                Accessed 10/2014
[4] J
                Accessed 10/2014

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