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Posted on Sunday, October 12, 2014

Chrome has a lot of really handy extensions for Developers.  One I found this year that I like is EditThisCookie

Their web site is located at [2]

This Extension was written by Francesco Capano his personal github page [3]

Installing EditThisCookie

Click the + Free button

It shows what permissions it will require.  Click Add

And its added!  A small cookie icon shows up in chrome right of the address bar.

I will give him points for his donation promotion.  As you slide the bar across, donating more, the 'what he will do section' adds more things he will do.  Very clever.

Open a site you know has cookies.  I opened

Click on EditThisCookie and all the cookie information will come up for this site.

You can open any cookie and edit it.  Click the Checkmark at the bottom to save your changes.

I don’t know of a web site where I can show you a good test on what can occur after a cookie update… If you know of one please send me a note and I will update this document!

At any rate it’s a very useful tool I use almost every day.  Developers like Francesco Capano save the rest of us a lot of time and hassle with this small simple every day tools, so hats off to him.


[1]        EditThisCookie Chrome webstore
                Accessed 10/2014
[2]        EditThisCookie Main website
                Accessed 10/2014
[3]        Francesco Capano Personal Github page

                Accessed 10/2014 

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