Using Slack if you are on more than one Team

Posted on Thursday, March 26, 2015

What happens if you are a member of multiple teams, each with their own team's slack account?

Slack  allows for multi-team!

 From the Slack tool, click here then select Sign in to another team…

Put in the team name and click continue

Enter in your info and click Sign in.

My two teams are shown up here.

Clicking on them quickly moves me between them.

But what about alerts?

I am going to use the /remind me tool to alert me in the team I am not actively looking at.

I'll run this in one team and then make the other team active.

I got my notification alert sound.  And the number of notifications went to 1 on that team

I even got a pop up.

As a further test I set up several reminders to myself.

It kept incrementing, and using the notification noise each time…

This is perfect.
In fact you could set up different notifications noises for each team so you would know who is trying to contact you.

That was easy and simple, way to go Slack Developers!


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