Node Intellij Jetbrains Module, Easily generate Intellij Project in node

Posted on Friday, May 15, 2015

Want to easily create Intellij Project files for your Node project?  Use the npm jetbrains module and set up a simple script in package.json.

Before you do this it's a good idea to install the Node Plugin for Intellij and set up Code completion for Node.  I wrote up a how to do this at if you have not done it yet.


Make sure you .gititnore file will ignore Intellij Files

  > vi .gitignore

Here is a my .gitignore file.  The highlighted section is the Intellij portion.


# Linux

# OS X

# vim swap and backups


# npm

Install Jetbrains module

From your Node application folder run the following commands.

  > npm install --save-dev jetbrains

You could run the following command to create the .idea folders.

  > node_modules/jetbrains/cli.js init

But there is a better way for your project.  Make it a callable script in the package.json file."

Edit the package.json file

  > vi package.json

And add a script.  (I am only showing the script section of my package.json file)

  "scripts": {
    "test": "mocha --recursive test",
    "gen-idea": "node node_modules/jetbrains/cli.js init"

From the command line you can run

  > npm run gen-idea

An .idea folder with it's files should have been created.  And if you check git status it should be ignored J

The script call can be better

You can make the script call clearer, and shorter, in package.json

Change it to.

  > vi package.json

  "scripts": {
    "test": "mocha --recursive test",
    "gen-idea": "jetbrains init"

Run the script again (You may need to remove the .idea folder first)

  > sudo rm -r .idea
  > npm run gen-idea

Why does this work? 

Poking around I found [1]
Looks like when you add a module a link is created in the node_modules/.bin folder.

  > ls -alh node_modules/.bin/

jetbrains links to -> ../jetbrains/cli.js

npm add node_modules/.bin to the PATH provided to the scripts.
So that works…

How does it know what to link to jetbrains links to cli.js?

Run this command

  > cat node_modules/jetbrains/package.json | grep -A 5 bin

You will see that the "bin" section defines the links to create.

If I run

  > cat node_modules/mocha/package.json | grep -A 5 bin

I can see the mocha package defines two variables to link in the bin section.

Cool that is a good thing to know J


[1]        Run arbitrary package scripts
                Accessed 5/2015

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