"Mob" Programming

Posted on Wednesday, August 12, 2015

I am going through a great book right now.

Extreme Programming Perspectives.

It's a collection of write ups on Extreme Programming from 2002.  A lot of them are very practical and have some great ideas on how to do XP or to introduce it to a team.

One I thought a valuable read was talking about "Mob" Programming

Mob Programming

One article that I found very interesting and full of good ideas was "Mob Programming and the Transition to XP" by Moses M. Hohman and Andrew S. Slocum (found a link to a pdf post http://cf.agilealliance.org/articles/system/article/file/998/file.pdf [1])

The article is only 5 pages… go ahead and read it J

"Mob" programming is pretty much what it sounds like… You get your Dev team in a room and you… the mob… refactor some code…

But wait…
That sounds really, really inefficient …

10 guys and one keyboard and one screen!  Insane!  You've brought pair programming to an even more insane level!

But that is not the real idea.

The Idea

I think the "Mob" programming idea can fulfill the following goals

  • Team Building
  • Teaching the Team XP
    • Test Driven Development
    • The value of pairing
    • Team ownership of the code
  • Cross Training

So how do you do it? 

Read the pdf for more details, but here is my short take on it.

  1. Randomly select a piece of code (class). 
  2. Find out who "owns" this code
  3. Give them some time to refresh their memory on how the code works.
  4. Give them some time to update test cases for the piece of code (They may even need to create the first test cases ever  for this code)
  5. Prep for the mob (set up 2 machines in your conference room)
  6. Have the code "owner" present the code and explain what it does.
  7. Split into two groups (3-6 per group)
  8. give both groups 30-45 minutes to refactor the code (every mob member contributes)
  9. Bring the groups back together to present their refactored code.
  10.   Decide which refactored code, if any, to keep 

I think this type of "mob" programming meeting can really benefit a group with little or no XP experience, even groups with no test cases.

To get a team from nothing to a group of testing, pairing, XP ninjas they need to learn the tools and be convinced of their benefits.  I think this type of "mob" meeting allows both to occur.  It even allows it to occur gently over time without needing to drink the kool-aid on the first day.

But it's going to take some time.  The first 2-4 meetings are just a warm up, your group is going to trip, fall, skin their knees and even complain.  But if they stick to it, I think it will serve as a valuable tool to transform a development team and get them closer to XP.

For those teams who are already pairing XP ninjas.   I think this can be great for knowledge share, team building, and building team code ownership.


[1]        Mob Programming and the Transition to XP
            Moses M. Hohman, Andrew S. Slocum
                Accessed 08/2015

This post is a part of and epic, the Pair Programming Epic.

Epic Goal:   Learn the art of pair programming.

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