Install NodeJS 6.x LTS on Ubuntu 16.04

Posted on Wednesday, July 26, 2017


This is a quick write up on how to install NodeJS 6.x LTS on Ubuntu 16.04 using the apt-get install tool.

What is the default install version?

Run this command from Ubuntu  16.04 to see what the default NodeJS install version is

  > apt-cache madison nodejs

Version 4.2.6 the LTS that was current in 2016, they year Ubuntu 16.04 came out.

I don't want that version I want the latest LTS vs 6.X

Run these commands to install a key and add a repo

  > sudo su - root
  > echo "deb xenial main" >  /etc/apt/sources.list.d/nodesource_6.x.list

Add the key

  > curl --silent | sudo apt-key add -

Now update

  > apt-get --assume-yes update
  > apt-get --assume-yes upgrade

Now check which version would be installed

  > apt-cache madison nodejs


Now install

  > apt-get --assume-yes install nodejs

Now check the versions.

  > nodejs --version


And check npm

  > npm --version

Done J



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