Installing ntopng on pfsense

Posted on Tuesday, December 4, 2018

I recently installed pfsense on a pc engine APU.2C4 mini-server.
It is now my network router and it’s been working like a champ.

Now I want to start customizing it some more.  First up I want to be able to monitor network traffic.

Looking around I found ntopng [1] as a tool I can install in pfsense and get the data I need.

In these notes I am going to record how to install it and use it.

Current Status

A friend of mine is wondering how much CPU resources this tool may take up so I am going to record what my current load is before installing it and do a look at the load after.

Currently I have a basic install of pfsense.

Running an internet speed test I saw it spike to 25%

I am on pfsense version 2.4.4


Before I start installing it here are some good videos I found on YouTube going over ntopng

Log into pfsense and select System à Package Manager

Click on Available Packages

Enter ntop and click search.

Click Install

Click Confirm

Watch it install

Install took less than 2 min, in my case J

Click on Installed packages and you should now see that it is installed.

CPU usage after install

At idle the CPU usage has not changed its still 3%.  But the memory usage went up to 11% from  6%.

I have done no settings yet

Running a speed test

I saw a similar spike to pre-ntopng at ~20%


Go to Diagnotics à ntopng Settings

It’s not yet enabled.  I wonder how that will effect CPU/Memory when it is?

Enable ntopng,  Enter password and select all Interfaces

Click Save

After the page refreshes

Click Update GeoIP Data to grab fresh Geo data.

Now before I do anything else let me look at the load again

At idle still 3% and Memory Usage at 16% … so that went up a little.


Go to Diagnostics à ntopng

Got a proxy timeout…

It’s going to another port on the  box
Maybe it is being blocked?

Issue can’t access ntopng

Let me check on the status

Status à Services

Hey it’s not even running!

Let me start the service up.

It’s running

Let me go check my CPU load

At idle it jumped up to 6% and Memory Usage went up to 19%

Open it again

Open the ntopng tool up again Diagnotics à ntopng

Hey an improvement.  Click advanced, in chrome to bypass and open the page.

Now you need to log in to this separate tool username admin, password is the one you set in the configurations

Wahoo something!

What can I do

First let me grab the current IP address of the box I am on using a cygwin command.

  > ipconfig | grep IPv4

I happen to be at the moment

If I click on hosts I can see which Host is using the what % of bandwidth currently.

Oh you can even see the top ports being hit currently.  J

Click on Flows

From here you can probably find your computer listed click on it in the client column

Lots of cool detail here


This tool give you a lot.  This is a Swiss army knife I would suggest watching the videos I listed to get a better idea on what you can do.



[1]        ntopng High-Speed Web-based Traffic Analysis and Flow Collection
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  1. Guru.... Awesome 👏👍☺️.... Excellent efforts and great contribution.... God bless you and be with you.... keep sharing...🏇👍

  2. have been looking for this, found it and it solved my problem straight away. pfsense+ntopng is just so perfect

  3. Ntop in pfsense can't dump expired flow to mysql or elastic. can you help me please ?

  4. Ntop in pfsense can't dump expired flow to mysql or elastic. can you help me please ?