GlusterFS mount NFS on windows 10 Pro

Posted on Saturday, April 8, 2023

I have a basic GluserFS running and I also have NFS-Ganesha installed and running all on an ubuntu 22.04 server.   See [1] for the details of the NFS setup




Mounting NFS drive From Windows 10 Pro.

I am not sure if this works on windows 10 (non-pro version)
I am going to do this from a Windows 10 Pro install.

I am looking at this page [2]

Open up the Control Panel

Search for


  > turn windows



Click on
Turn Windows Feature on or off

Open up Services for NFS
and checkbox on Client for NFS
then click OK

Give it a few seconds to install

Click Close


OK open up DOS prompt and run the following command
(Well adjust it for your system my NFS server is running on a server at 192.168.200)


  > mount -o anon \\\volume-one z:


There it is.

Now I can see all the files I have there and simply drag and drop ones there too.



Automount NFS


OK, now how do we automount this drive for our own convenience.

Found some good info at [3]


Search for run and click on the Run program.

Type in






And hit OK

This should open up your start up folder.

Let’s place a .bat file in here to mount NFS on startup


mount -o anon \\\volume-one F:


Name it nfsmount.bat

OK Now reboot and see if it will auto mount.

It took 10 seconds after the reboot but then it mounted just fine


I would call that a success !





[1]       GlusterFS /etc/fstab mount options GlusterFS/NFS testing in Ubuntu 22.04
            Accessed 03/2023
[2]       Enable NFS client in Windows 10
            Accessed 03/2023
[3]       Persistent NFS Client on Windows 10
            Accessed 03/2023




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