Xcode 5 using a git username email

Posted on Thursday, January 9, 2014

Xcode 5 by default uses the username from OS X when committing in git.   I am not sure what the default is used for the email but it's not correct.  If you run a command to look at the recent logs like.

> git log -2

In my case I can see that my wife's account committed something in git and it has this funky email address.

Fixing author issues

To fix this I ran the following command from the command line

> cd
> vi .gitconfig

And place your username and email address in it

        name = Patrick Bailey
        email = pbailey@example.com

And save it

Now when you commit a file in Xcode it will use the username and email from this file.

There are other default settings you can put in this file but this is enough for username and password.


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