Set up Alfresco 5.2 to use your gmail account

Posted on Thursday, February 2, 2017

I am going to go over how to use you gmail account with Alfresco share.  So that Alfreso can send out emails like invites etc…

But remember gmail has limits I have a paid gmail account and I think its limited to 1000 outgoing emails a day?  I think a free one is limited to 500.   More than enough for testing or even for a small company.


Go to the base folder for your tomcat.
This may be /opt/alfresco-community/tomcat

In my case I use a custom location at /10x13/apps/alfresco/tomcat

Once you are there open up the shared/classes/alfresco-properties folder for editing.

  >  cd /10x13/apps/alfresco/tomcat/
  >  sudo vi shared/classes/

Before I dive into this you can go to [1] to see some of the setting options you have

First thing you need to do is to change the to true.

### E-mail site invitation setting ###

Now add the following to connect it to a gmail account

# Outbound Email Configuration
# New Properties

Replace mail.username with your actual gmail account and replace mail.password with your actual password

Save it.

Restart Alfresco

I installed Alfresco with the basic binary installer see [2]  which includes a basic init script that I am going to use to restart alfresco.  This will probably restart postgres and everything else the alfresco binary installer installed… which is a bit of overkill (really you just need to restart tomcat)

  >  sudo service alfresco stop
  >  sudo service alfresco start

I had issues getting stop and start to work correctly.  So I did a reboot of the entire system that seemed to get it back up.

  >  sudo reboot

I like to tail the tomcat log to see when it is back up

  >  cd /10x13/apps/alfresco/tomcat/
  >  tail -f logs/catalina.out

Oops I have an issue

WARN  [org.alfresco.wcm.client.util.impl.GuestSessionFactoryImpl] WQS unable to connect to repository: Unauthorized

Need to get that fixed before I can move on.
… Looks like I can open up alfresco share just fine but this error is annoying

Because I installed the optional WebQuickstart I need to set a few settings in the file


Then reboot the system.

  >  sudo reboot

I don't think I really need this tool.  Here is an overview of what it is [4]

So I am going to remove the war file for it and remove the settings from and reboot.

  >  cd /10x13/apps/alfresco
  >  cd tomcat/webapps

Remove these and reboot

  > sudo rm wcmqs.war
  > sudo rm -r wcmqs
  >  sudo reboot

(I guess I should not have installed that when I installed alfresco the first time … )


OK let me test it out


Go to admin tools


Go to Users and click New User

Fill out the informations, use a real email address you control. And click create user.

If you do not already have a share site create one.  
From the Sites menu click Create Site.

Create a collaboration site make it private and click Create.

Go to the site.

Click the add user icon on the upper right.

Search for the user you want to add to this site and click select

Select a Role for this new user

Click add User.

Now that user should get an invite email.

There is my email.  The images are not showing up because they reference my internal server address for example (

There you go its successfully using your Gmail account .


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