Eclipse 4.3.1 install python tools

Posted on Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Eclipse 4.3.1 install python tools

If you don't have eclipse you can download it at [1]

Click to download

(It took me 1 hour to download on a 1.5 Mbit DSL connection)

From the Help menu select Install New Software

Click Add

Give it the name python and enter the location

and click OK

Checkbox PyDev and click Next

Review and click Next

Accept the license and click Finish

Eclipse will download the python tools.

Checkbox the Certificate to trust it and click OK

You should get this message

Click Yes to restart Eclipse

From the Menu select  Window -> Preferences

Select PyDev -> Interpreters -> Python Interpreter

If you don't have a python interpreter set up click New.

(this assumes you have python installed on your system somewhere)

Click Browse and find your python executable.

Mine happens to be at C:\Python27\python.exe

Click OK

It will find these to add to the System path.

Click OK.

Click OK to close this window.

It will do a little set up


As a test click on File -> New -> Project

Select PyDev -> PyDev Project and click Next.

Give it a name and click Finish


A python project was created.

[1]  Eclipse Download Page
       Visited 11/2013

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